Speakers 2021

Speakers 2021



Director of the research unit UMR1183


October 14th

Christian Jorgensen is specialized in translational research for a better application of stem cells in immunology and rheumatology. He gathers scientists and clinicians on regenerative medicine and innovative immunotherapies. He has extensively published, has a strong track record for competitive research grants, was principal investigators in several EU programs and has coordinated several clinical trials. C Jorgensen clinical interest are in stem cell , immunology and rheumatology. He is head of the clinical unit, "Immuno-therapy Rheumatology”, University Hospital “Lapeyronie” (Montpellier). He leads Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy IRMB dedicated to regenerative medicine. IRMB gathers scientist and clinicians on regenerative medicine and innovative immunotherapies. The objectives of IRMB are to increase the knowledge of stem cell biology, interactions between stem cells and immune cells, stem cell niches and homing, as well as the role of epigenetics mechanisms in chronic and age related diseases. These researches include both basic biological aspects and innovative applications of regenerative therapy. C Jorgensen has published extensively (over 180 publications in the field of Immunology and stem cell therapy applied for rheumatic diseases), and has a strong track record for competitive research grant from EU and ANR. Finally, today it coordinates the H2020 ADIPOA project, large scale project focusing on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritis therapy and RESPINE on bone marrow stem cells for intervertebral disc. This translational actcity leads to the launch of the biotech Medxcell. The clinical research is conducted in the clinical department for immunotherapy with 20 beds dedicated to biotherapy applied to Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Pr Christian Jorgensen, specialist in Therapeutics and Rheumatology, is head of research INSERM unit U1183 (“Stem cells, cell plasticity, regenerative medicine & immunotherapies”) and department of biotherapy. C Jorgensen is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine Montpellier-Nimes (responsible teacher of DES Rheumatology). He is also responsible for teaching the Master Pro "Evaluation & methodology of therapeutic trials. He is  expert for Biologics at French National Authority or Health (HAS), where he was former member of Transparency Comity at HAS, and member of national scientific board of Inserm.  During his free time, I am part of jazz band “Ducks & Drakes”, proposing standards of the American songbook.

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