Exposant 2023

Exposant 2023



39 rue de Houdan
78610 Le Perray en Yvelines

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Tél : +33 1 30 46 39 84

Tebubio – Facilitators of Life Sciences Research. Our mission is to accompany you at each stage of your project, by providing a unique range of easily accessible solutions:
  1. Extensive range of reagents - from routine to customizable tools
  2. In-house laboratory services – extend your resources and accelerate your projects
  3. Practical administrative and logistics expertise – simplified access to the solutions you need
Facilitate all your projects and daily work – contact your local Tebubio office.


Tebubio : A complete range of solutions to optimize all your Biomanufacturing projects.

October 09, 2023

Since 1953, Tebubio facilitates Life Sciences research in France and throughout Europe. With over 80 team members across Europe, we provide researchers with a range of innovative solutions in many...

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Tebubio Laboratory : Access a personalized mini-scale mRNA production service

October 09, 2023

In response to the growing need for mRNA, Tebubio’s laboratories offer a mini-scale mRNA production service to quickly provide you with customised and optimised research grade sequences to be used...

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