Exposant 2021

Exposant 2021



4Bis Avenue Hubert Curien

Guillaume LAY
Business & Marketing Director

Tél : +33 615 181 313

Cell-Easy is a full service, R&D-driven contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) providing a broad range of comprehensive, integrated solutions, process industrialization, product development, cGMP Manufacturing and Regulatory & Analytical services for academic and government organizations around the world. Moreover, Cell-Easy has established expertise in the generation Adipose derived Stem Cells (ASC) using robust cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes. As one of the first in the world to produce clinical-grade human ASC, we have a wealth of experience with a range of adherent cell culture, expansion strategies and all aspects of quality control testing. We are here to support the end-to-end development of your ASC/MSC lines. Cell-Easy is a trusted partner and brings today the infrastructure and know-how while ensuring your projects are delivered on time and budget. Supported by highly motivated and experienced people in the Cell Therapy field, we are committed to driving service excellence and actively contributing to a “Bench to Bedside” culture, putting the Health Care of patient at the center of everything. Our core values based on four business principles, EASY like: Engagement, Agility, Support and Yes to life. For more information about Cell-Easy and its business offerings please go to Website- https://cell-easy.com/fr/