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Bruno Favier

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A 250-hectare scientific and industrial park consisting of 2 technopole sites, ISO 14001 and very high-speed broadband: - TEMIS Microtechnique with the Bouloie "engineering sciences" campus, FEMTO-ST, ENSMM, ISIFC and CFAI... - TEMIS Santé, dedicated to biomedical research, with the EFS, the University of Medicine and the CHRU... TEMIS is a multi-technology engineering-oriented ecosystem for the miniaturisation of microtechnology objects and systems, for applications in biomedical, industry 4.0, aeronautics, space, ticketing, HBJO, etc. The technology park concentrates most of the resources and support for entrepreneurship, innovation and development: competitiveness clusters, accelerator, incubator and technology business incubator within TEMIS INNOVATION - Maison des Microtechniques. As a member of the French Tech through the HEALTH TECH network, TEMIS organises and promotes synergies between industry, research and training around multidisciplinary projects. BIO INNOVATION, a development centre for Medtech and Biotech, will be commissioned at the end of 2019. It will serve the innovation dynamic for the medicine of the future. They have chosen TEMIS: Carl ZEISS, SOITEC, IxBLUE, Maincare solutions, SOPHYSA, ALCIS, CISTEO, CRYLA, Breitling, Audemars-Piguet, WORLDPLAS... 15 ha remain available - Rental and turnkey real estate.