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Exposant 2023



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VectorBuilder is a rapidly growing biotechnology company specializing in advanced genetic engineering solutions for research and medicine. In particular, VectorBuilder has established itself as the global leader in a range of products and services related to gene delivery, including vector design and optimization, vector cloning, virus packaging, library construction and screening, stable cell line generation, and GMP manufacturing of clinical-grade plasmids, mRNAs, proteins and viruses. One highlight of VectorBuilder's innovative solutions is its revolutionary online platform for designing and ordering custom vectors, available at https:// www.vectorbuilder.com. This award-winning platform has become highly popular with researchers around the world and has grown into an industry standard for its rich functionalities, extensive experimental validations, and easy-to-use graphical interface. By leveraging the popularity of this platform, VectorBuilder has built a comprehensive portfolio of offerings covering virtually all gene delivery needs from bench to bedside    


Landau Partnership

September 22, 2021

VectorBuilder Inc., a global leader in vector design, optimization and GMP manufacturing, and Landau Biotechnology Co., a world leader in developing nonhuman primate (NHP) models for clinical research applications, have...

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Univercells Partnership

September 16, 2021

VectorBuilder – a global leader in vector design, optimization, and GMP manufacturing – has formed a worldwide strategic partnership with Univercells Technologies, a provider of novel biomanufacturing technologies for flexible...

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