Speakers 2023

Speakers 2022 2023

Christophe FERRAND



September 20th

Since more than 20 years, I have been interested in the field of the T-cell response either after hematopoietic stem cell allo-transplantation or in the anti-tumor effect to modulate Graft versus Host disease (GvHD) or to initiate anti-tumoral effects (Graft versus Leukemia, GvL), respectively. Based on the suicide gene therapy clinical trial (TKO), using ex-vivo Gene Modified T-cells (GMTC) and initiated in 2001 by our team, I have naturally redirected my research activity towards CART- cells immunotherapies by developing new approaches targeting original Tumor Associated Antigens expressed in Leukemia. My involvement in this gene therapy trial did allow me to a great experience in GMTC, their production and monitoring. In parallel, I have strongly contributed, as the scientific responsible, to bring the new suicide gene (iCASP9/AP1903) clinical trial Side by CIDe to the French regulatory agency (ANSM) approval (in the context of the new ATMP European regulations). This trial (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02849886), will use gene modified T cells produced ex-vivo and is now open for patient recruitment With competences in immunology, vectorology (lenti or retrovirus), cell culture, gene therapy, suicide gene therapy, but also as Head of the Molecular Onco-Hematology Lab, I have an interesting background in the field of Immunotherapies (CART-cells, TgTCR) that may be applied to hematology.

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