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CHU Montpellier, INSERM U1183

Director of the Cell Processing Facility and of the Cord Blood Bank of the University Hospital of Montpellier


John De Vos is Professor of Embryology, Histology and Regenerative Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Montpellier, and head of the Cellular and Tissue Engineering Department of the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Montpellier. His research, at the Research Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies (IRMB, INSERM U1183), focuses on human reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells (iPS), their safety and genetic integrity, as well as their potential for bronchial differentiation with a view to cell therapy. The main project of his research team is to develop cell and gene therapy for the respiratory tract of patients with genetic lung diseases. He is president of the French Society for Stem Cell Research (FSSCR).

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