Speakers 2023

Speakers 2023

Gavin Yirajen VUDDAMALAY


Branch Manager (CVL) and Head of BI&IP

Pipeline analysis of Cell and Gene therapy products

Vendredi 13 Octobre 2023

Gavin holds a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from the University of Toulouse III (Paul Sabatier). He has previous experience as preclinical laboratory manager, university lecturer and consulting advisor to research funding agencies. At MabDesign, Gavin heads the business intelligence and intellectual property services to industrial and academic actors of the biopharmaceutical and bioprocessing field. He is also in charge of the editorial team for the BioprocessWatch and ImmunoWatch series.  
The field of cell and gene therapy has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation in recent years, offering promising avenues for the treatment of previously incurable diseases. Through our proprietary platform, using a multi-parametric methodology to access multi-databases,  we’ll generate a comprehensive overview of the current pipeline showcasing the diverse range of therapeutic candidates in development across various indications (including but not limited to oncology) at early and/or late stages of their development.

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