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Speakers 2023 2024

Gavin Yirajen VUDDAMALAY


Branch Manager (CVL) and Head of BI&IP


Gavin joined MabDesign in 2019 and currently holds the position of Head of Scientific Affairs & Business Intelligence. In this role, Gavin oversees the strategic development and implementation of scientific initiatives including MabDesign’s Watchs editions, our multiple types of scientific communications and the establishment of collaborations. He also supports the various players in the industry with the implementation and development of appropriate strategies, in relation to Business Intelligence (competitive intelligence, pipeline analysis, lead generation) and Intellectual Property (patent landscape and analysis). Prior to joining MabDesign, Gavin held a number of positions in both the private and public sectors, including CRO laboratory director and university lecturer. In parallel, Gavin was a consultant to various public bodies funding research and innovation. Gavin holds a PhD in Immunology and Infectious Diseases from the University of Toulouse  

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