Speakers 2022

Speakers 2022



Vice President Gene Therapy

Endowing universal CAR T-cell with immune-evasive properties using TALEN-gene editing


Dr. Julien Valton obtained his Ph.D. at the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France, where he was trained as an enzymologist/biophysicist. He then joined the Yale School of Medicine to apply his knowledge to therapeutic research by investigating the mechanism of inhibition of receptor tyrosine kinases that are involved in the development of gastrointestinal cancer.

In 2009, he moved a step further into the field of applied science by joining the Innovation Department of Cellectis, where he actively participated in setting up, improving and using the TALEN® gene editing technology for targeted gene therapy and genome engineering. He used TALEN® along with protein engineering techniques to develop intelligent CAR T-cells that sense and adapt to tumor microenvironment to address different malignancies. He is now applying his knowledge to develop the next generation of Cellectis’ gene therapy products.    

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