Speakers 2022

Speakers 2022

Philippe DULIEU

RD Biotech

RD-BIOTECH CEO & President of Biotech Investissement SAS (mAbexperts brand)


September 21st

Associate Professor in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology in the Sciences University of Franche-Comté (Besancon, Fr), Philippe Dulieu founded RD-BIOTECH SAS in 2002, with 2 post-doc fellows specialized in molecular biology and antibody engineering, Jean-Luc Schlick and Jean-François Musard.
Since 2002, he actively developed the company which is now an internationally well-known actor in pDNA, mAbs and recombinant proteins engineering and manufacturing, dedicated to preclinical and clinical research programs.

In 2019-2020, RD-Biotech was actively involved in pDNA manufacturing for mRNA vaccine projects linked to COVID19 pandemia and has been recognized as a trusted partner for BioNTech. Due to the fast growing demand in pDNA for various application like mRNA, gene therapy and cell therapy, RD-Biotech has recently started, by the end of 2021, to build a new pDNA GMP-grade production facility near its new building based in Besançon.
The new facility will be operating in 2023 and will complement the current pDNA “R&D grade and GMP like grade” biomanufacturing capacities of RD-Biotech.

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