Speakers 2022

Speakers 2022



Chief Technical Officer

MicroRNA as a tool for engineering next generation CAR T-cells


Marco Alessandrini, PhD, is the Chief Technical Officer for Antion Biosciences, leading the development and implementation of Antion’s proprietary technologies. After completing his studies, Marco worked five years in the private sector for Biotech and Pharma. He was initially involved in the establishment of a novel biomarker service providing pharmacogenomic testing services to the clinical trial industry, following which he transitioned to a position in Pharma where he was responsible for the design, regulatory approval, and management of oncology clinical trials in South Africa. He subsequently joined the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Pretoria to build on his expertise in genomic medicine and cellular therapies. Within the framework of an international collaboration to engineer a HIV-resistant immune system, Marco relocated to Switzerland in 2016 to take up a position at the University of Geneva. His work has since been dedicated to the development of allogeneic and next generation chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies. In 2018, he started his transition to Antion Biosciences from the University of Geneva, and has since grown with the company into his current role as Chief Technical Officer.

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