Speakers 2022

Speakers 2022


University Hospital of Rennes

Head of the Haematology Department

DESCAR-T Registry: Lessons learned from the French real-life database for CAR T cells in hematologic malignancies


Prof. Houot is the Head of the Haematology Department at the University Hospital of Rennes (France). Prof. Houot’s research focuses on novel drug development and immunotherapy for the treatment of lymphoid malignancies. He has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of several clinical trials, including GALEN, VISMOLY, ITSELF, the DESCAR-T Registry and ALYCANTE (the first French academic trial with CAR T cells), and the National Coordinator for a number of studies including ZUMA-1 and ZUMA-2. Prof. Houot is also a co-founder of the FITC (French Society for Cancer Immunotherapy) and a board member of the Scientific Committee of the LYSA.

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